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Beaumont Aquatic

Act 1 was hired on short notice in order to get the Beaumont Aquatic project on schedule and fulfill a project deadline under pressure. We delivered the project on time, in addition to expanding the scope of work from the initial specifications.

Project Scope

  • Caissons and Poles for Structures
  • Colored Concrete
  • Flat Work Cantilevered Bull Nosed Steps
  • Pavers
  • Poured in Place Walls

La Tuna Equinox

La Tuna Equinox was a job over three million dollars. Upon arrival of the site we were able to set up the site, grade and construct an earthen dam, drainage system and all the infrastructure for the project. The project scope entailed all types of grading on all types of terrain. We were able to finish this project ahead of schedule and within the desired budget.

Project Scope

  • Clear and Grub Site
  • Complete Fine Grading of 25 Acres
  • Construct 1 Arena 100ft x 200ft
  • Construct 1 Arena 200ft x 300ft
  • Construct 3,000 lf of masonry wall
  • Construct 20,000sq ft Paving for Drives & Parking
  • Construct All Public Works Construction for the Project
  • Construct Debris Basin
  • Construct Foundations Four Buildings 7,000 Cubic Yards of Concrete
  • Construct Riding Trails & Bridges Complete with Header Boards DG Trails Striping & Signage
  • Construction Storm Drain Basin and Head Walls
  • Construct Water Course
  • Demo Existing Structures
  • Dry wells
  • Install 4 of DG Footings Compacted to 95% & Fine Graded to within 5 100/ths of an inch
  • Install Equestrian Sand & Rubberized Mix Footings for Both Arenas
  • Parkway Drains & Dissipater Pit
  • Rough Grading 400,000 Cubic yards
  • Trench Drains

Owens Development

We were able to transform the outside of Owens corporate office completely by creating a new walking path, steps, and ADA ramp. We graded the majority of the site to incorporate the new changes. Colored concrete was used thru out the entire project on all the flat work, retaining wall and the seat walls.

Project Scope

  • Asphalt ADA Compliant Parking Pathway and Stalls with Truncated Domes
  • Clear and Grub the Site
  • Curbs
  • Flatwork
  • Masonry Walls
  • Mechanical Pad with Grade Beams
  • Poured in Place Walls
  • Over 300 ft of Sikaflex Joints
  • Rough and Fine Grading
  • Striping