Act 1 Engineering


The unique ability of Act 1 to perform in each of these three areas makes us very unique. We are able to mobilize on site and get the project off the ground and on schedule without any delays. Our teams have worked together for many years, and they give us the technical ability to adapt to each phase of the project quickly. This enables our team to reduce waste and ensure the integrity and value of the job.

Concrete and Masonry

Act 1 Engineering is well diversified in the concrete and masonry industry. We value innovation and technological standards that have developed over the years. Our well trained teams are experienced in stamped concrete, staining, and many other decorative applications. Act 1 is able to adapt quickly to changes made in the field. In addition, Act 1 masonry's experience includes block, brick, slate, stone, and anything associated with placed mortar.

Our philosophy prides itself upon open and direct communication within our company including employees, contractors, and subcontractors. We strive to reduce costs while maintaining improved and innovative ways to construct a better product. Act 1 prides itself on integrity, respect, and a drive to perform to the best of our abilities. Let us know how we can be of assistance to you and your company.


Act 1 Engineering possesses the experience of pouring hundreds of foundations from room additions to 12000s structural foundations, including poured in place walls, caissons, and structural masonry. We also specialize in metal building and free span building foundations.

Rough & Finish Grading

Act 1 is capable of performing multiple grading operations including overexing, moving bulk dirt, slope work, benching, fine grading to precise grades & many other grading related tasks.